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Apple Releases Logic Pro X 10.5.1. Here's What's New...
Rounik Sethi on Thu, June 11th 0 comments
Apple have been quick to address any stablity and reliabilty issues since their massive Logic Pro X 10.5 release with this latest free point update.


Learn everything you need to know about the new Logic Pro X 10.5 update:

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One month ago Apple announced version 10.5 which was the most significant update since Logic Pro X. It came complete with Live Loops, Step Sequencer, a seriously improved sampler, Drum Machine Designer, support for Novation Launchpad, and so much more. And, it was a free update for existing Logic Pro X owners.

After the big releases then, it's not a big surprise to come across a point release which fixes and squishes some bugs and improves stability and performance and workflow issues.

And that's exactly what Logic Pro X 10.5.1, released a few hours ago, is all about.

Here's what's new and improved. Like all Logic Pro X updates you'll need to head over to the App Store on your Mac and you'll find it when it appears in your "Updates" section before downloading.

What's New in Logic Pro X 10.5.1


Logic no longer quits unexpectedly

  • After a playing Live Loops cell is moved to a track with Flex Pitch enabled, and then the Flex mode is changed.
  • When making adjustments in the Spectrasonics Stylus RMX plug-in.
  • When playing Live Loops cells that trigger MPE enable software instruments.
  • When recalling a screen set that only contains a Step Sequencer edit window from a track that does not contain any pattern regions.
  • When performing tempo analysis on MIDI regions on a Mapped Instrument track.
  • When switching between drum kits while a Pattern Sequence is playing in a Live Loops cell.
  • Logic no longer hangs if a bus routing that might create feedback is created.
  • Logic no longer experiences occasional hangs when the disclosure triangle for a Track Stack is Option-clicked.
  • Fixes an issue where Logic could unexpectedly quit after moving a playing Live Loops cell to another track after the Flex mode has been changed.
  • Logic no longer experiences occasional hanging when creating a Performance Recording in scenes that contain cells using Take Folders.
  • Fixes an issue where Logic might quit unexpectedly when changing the Software Instrument assigned to Track Stack sub-track while the Step Sequencer Pattern region editor is open.
  • Improves stability with certain Audio Unit plug-ins.


  • Playing a Live Loops cell with a flexed mono audio track no longer causes unexpected System Overload messages.


  • When Logic is launched for the first time on a system with VoiceOver activated, a dialog offering to change all plug-in windows to Controls View is now displayed.
  • VoiceOver now announces the Show/Hide Library command when it is performed with a key command.

Live Loops

  • A new empty cell region is now created when an empty cell is added to the Live Loops grid.
  • Regions created by a Live Loops Performance Recording are now reliably in sync when some cells are not set to follow tempo.
  • Live Loops cells that do not have Flex Time enabled now reliably play in sync when they are set to Play From Song Position or Play From Cell Position.
  • Live Loops cells now reliably play in sync when pausing and then continuing in cases where there are plug-ins that introduce significant latency in the signal chain.
  • Live Loops cells created by joining two cells containing audio regions now play back properly when the two source cells had different Flex settings.
  • The Copy to Live Loops command now properly aligns the copied regions in cells.
  • The Velocity slider now works as expected in the Live Loops cell Piano Roll editor.
  • Deleting a Live Loops cell with an open Piano Roll editor no longer unexpectedly switches the view to the Tracks area.
  • Fixes an issue where dragging a Live Loops cell containing multiple audio regions to the Tracks area could result in unexpected gaps between regions.
  • It is now consistently possible to enable Flex & Follow for all audio regions in a Live Loops cell.
  • Fixes an issue where Live Loop cells containing audio regions sometimes play a short interval of silence at the end oof every other loop.
  • Regions created by by a Live Loops Performance Recording that include cells playing Flexed audio are new reliably the correct lengths.
  • Cells now update immediately to respond to articulation changes made in MIDI editors.
  • The Velocity slider in the Live Loops Piano Roll editor is more responsive.
  • Switching off multiple selected tracks with their Power buttons now switched off Live Loop cells on those tracks as expected.
  • Includes various improvements in the behavior of freeze tracks in Live Loops
  • Live Loops cells containing multiple overlapping regions now play back as expected in cases where the drag mode is set to Overlap.
  • Cells that contain Drummer regions or Step Sequencer Pattern regions no longer incorrectly show recording options.
  • Drummer and Step Sequencer regions that do not start on an even bar now play in sync when added to a Live Loops cell.  
  • Live Loops Performance Recording now works correctly in cases where some cells contain compressed audio file formats.
  • The Event List editor now reliably shows the content of audio and MIDI Live Loops cells.
  • Live Loops cell region inspectors now reliably update to show changes in selection or focus.
  • Fixes an issue where take folders copied to Live Loops cells are sometimes transposed unexpectedly.
  • The Piano Roll Inspector for MIDI Live Loops cells now remains visible when changing the focus between the Live Loops grid and the Piano Roll.

Sampler/Quick Sampler

  • The Sampler waveform display now updates when a sample for an existing zone is replaced.
  • In Slice mode, Quick Sampler now reliably plays all slices in cases where the project tempo is much faster than the audio file loaded into the plug-in.
  • Sustain pedal (cc64) messages no longer cause held notes in Quick Sampler to go into their release phase when the “Play to End on Release” setting is enabled.
  • The Slice Play buttons in Quick Sampler now reliably play the correct slice the Snap mode is set to Transients.
  • It is now possible to preview audio files "in place" in the Sampler load files dialog.
  • Fixes and issue where the Cleanup Project command sometimes removes references to Sampler files.
  • Dragging regions with a forward slash (/) in the filename into Quick Sampler no longer prevents regions from being dragged in the tracks area.
  • Loudness detection is now reliably performed on sections of long audio files used in a zone in Sampler.
  • Improves compatibility of certain EXS24 settings with Sampler.
  • Saving over an existing Sampler instrument setting no longer prompts for the file path in cases where an alias or symlink is used.

Drummer/Drum Machine Designer

  • The Drum Machine Designer window is no longer hidden unexpectedly when the Reimport Original command is used for a pad.
  • Drum Machine Designer pads now show up on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar immediately after an instance of the plug-in is inserted.
  • It is now possible to join Drummer regions together.
  • Assigning input note to Drum Machine Designer pads now works properly when the pad is clicked before the note is assigned.

Flex Time and Flex Pitch

  • Regions set to Flex Time: Polyphonic now play correctly when the pitch setting in the Region Inspector is changed.
  • The Flex Inspector in the Track Inspector now displays reliably on Tracks set to Flex Pitch mode.
  • Fixes an issue where Blue tempo markers are sometimes created unexpectedly on regions with Flex Time enabled.
  • The Scale Quantize setting for Flex Pitched regions is no longer sometimes  enabled unexpectedly.
  • Flex Time edits made across multiple selected regions are now immediately displayed
  • The demo song "Ocean Eyes" no longer transposes unexpectedly if Flex is disabled.


  • Third-party software instruments no longer unexpectedly show multi-output stereo configurations that they don’t actually support.
  • Modulating the Edgy Filter in Retro Synth no longer can cause an unexpected noise.
  • Fixes an issue where dragging the gain for an EQ band in the Channel EQ sometimes causes it to unexpectedly jump 24 dB in value.
  • The Pianoteq Audio Unit plug-in again works with Logic Pro X.

Key Commands

  • The key command to Select All now works consistently in all text fields.
  • The “Go To” key command no longer requires pressing an extra Tab before entering numbers when performed on a MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina.
  • Key commands now work while the mouse button is being pressed.


  • All supported ARA Audio Units are now visible in the plug-in browser.


  • Automation is now possible for meta parameters in Audio Unit plug-ins.
  • Recording Region-based Automation on Software Instruments in cycle mode no longer causes MIDI playback to stop working.


  • The Slip Left and Slip Right commands now nudge events by the correct increments in MIDI edit windows.
  • The window view in the Audio Track editor no longer jumps unexpectedly back to the region start when working with Flex Pitch with the "Select tracks on region/marquee selection" setting enabled
  • Adding a note after the end of a region in the Piano Roll now extends the length of the region.

Smart Tempo

  • Logic now correctly identifies the downbeat for short audio recordings.


  • Colors assigned to Takes within a Comp now display correctly.


  • Logic now loads MIDI files that were generated in Cakewalk correctly
  • Imported audio is now inserted at the playhead position, as expected.

Global Tracks

  • Fixes an issue where using the key command to insert a time signature sometimes deletes subsequent time signatures.

Track Stacks

  • Double-clicking a track folder that contains only one track now opens the folder as expected.


  • Opened windows are now reliably visible when first opening projects created in earlier versions of Logic Pro X.
  • The "Create Tracks and Mute" recording preferences no longer unexpectedly creates extra Stereo Output tracks when recording overlapping recordings in Track Stacks.
  • The Split Region at Marquee Selection command now works as expected.
  • Fixes an issue that prevented patches from being dragged and dropped into the track header.
  • The Join Regions and Join Regions by Track commands now work as expected when there are looped MIDI regions at contain no data included.
  • The Discard Recording and Return to Last Play Position command now deletes the audio file from the drive, as expected.
  • Projects no longer stop playing after a single beat in certain cases.
  • When multiple projects are open, the Play button now works with whichever project iOS currently in focus.
  • Plug-ins can now be added to to channel strips when multiple projects are open.
  • The Mixer now displays reliably when multiple projects are open.
  • It is now possible to enter a delay value in Software Instrument region inspectors.
  • Multiple record-enabled Software Instrument Track Stacks respond to incoming MIDI as expected
  • Marquee selections now resize correctly to adjust to changes in zoom.
  • Catch Playhead now works with floating windows.
  • Link content now works properly in projects created in versions earlier than Logic Pro 10.5.
  • Locked screen sets that include an Event Float window now work as expected.
  • Fixes an issue where drag and dropping audio files onto the Sampler sometimes leaves graphic artifacts that look like regions in the Tracks area absolve the Sampler window.


Learn everything you need to know about the new Logic Pro X 10.5 update:

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