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Apple Releases MainStage 3.3.1 Free Update
Rounik Sethi on Wed, July 19th 0 comments
With a focus on stability and performance (read: bug fixes) Apple have released a free update for MainStage 3.3.1. Definitely worth checking out if you use Logic and perform live.

Hot on the heels of the Logic Pro X 10.3.2 update, Apple have released an update for MainStage 3, the live-performance companion app to their flagship DAW for Mac. 

This is primarily a bug fix and stability update. The free update is available for existing MainStage 3 owners and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. Here's the release notes for MainStage 3.3.1:


  • MainStage no longer sometimes quits unexpectedly when:
    • Switching patches from Logic Remote with a concert using custom icons
    • Recording the audio output
    • The application is left unattended
  • MainStage no longer quits unexpectedly when the Apply Changes button is pressed after changing the sample rate during playback.
  • MainStage no longer sometimes hangs when patches are dragged to different positions in large concerts.
  • MainStage no longer hangs when a Waves GTR Ground controller is attached.


  • The power buttons for Sends in the Track Header now respond more quickly when swiping to enable/disable them.
  • Concerts saved with Edit and Assignments & Mapping mode active no longer show a white screen when switching to Performance mode in full screen.
  • There is no longer sometimes unexpected CPU usage when switching patches while holding notes.
  • Playback now reliably plays sound after a saved concert is loaded.


  • A new Aux channel strip is no longer created automatically when assigning a Patch Bus as a destination if that Patch Bus is already an input for an existing Aux channel.
  • Patches saved with plug-ins that use Software Instrument tracks as side chain inputs now properly recall the side chain setting when reloaded.
  • Plug-ins on stereo channel strips that have been set to mono no longer unexpectedly change to stereo when the concert is reloaded.
  • I/O labels now work correctly on mono channel inputs and outputs.
  • Meters are once again active on mono channel strips that are panned hard right.
  • Sustained notes are no longer sometimes cut off when played through an alias channel strip that includes a Patch Bus.
  • Using the New Patch from Selected Patched command to combine two patches no longer sometimes causes output signal routed through a bus to stop sounding in rare cases when the Concert is reloaded.
  • The displayed value of screen controls is no longer sometimes 1 increment less than the saved value.


  • The display of markers again follows the progression of Playback.

Auto Sampler

  • Layer ranges in EXS instruments created by Auto Sampler now have the correct setting for the lowest velocity value for each layer.
  • Auto Sampler now correctly writes files to Alias folders.


  • Choosing Built-in Microphone as the input for MainStage on MacBook Pro (late 2016) no longer resets Audio MIDI setup to 4 input channels.
  • Buttons in the Toolbar or Touch Bar now update to show their status when triggered externally.
  • MIDI Clock from external devices is again passed through as expected.
  • Releasing a sustain pedal no longer stops the Metronome.
  • It is again possible to set an Aggregate Device as MainStage’s input device, when the Output device is set to a something different.
  • It is now possible to set a specific MIDI channel to recall patches via Program Change.
  • Tuning presets are again available.
  • Knobs that are set to Pickup mode no longer unexpectedly reset to Jump mode when switching back to a previously selected patch 
  • It is now possible to configure the Metronome to play beats only, with no emphasis on the bar.
  • It is now possible to disable either bars or beats when configuring the Metronome.
  • After importing a set, audio input now outputs as expected to patch buses on patches beyond the first patch. 
  • Pop-up menus for buttons in the Mappings inspector are no longer blank when the button is mapped to a plug-in bypass.
  • User Tunings that are copied from Factory Tunings now include the Root Note.
  • The Thru button in the MIDI Modifier plug-in again works as expected when the input is set to a note number.
  • Saved values of momentary buttons in the off state are now properly maintained when the Invert option is enabled.
  • Screen objects mapped to level meters now change from mono to stereo or stereo to mono when the associated channel strip format setting changes.
  • Exported Alias patches that are re-imported to the same concert now retain mappings as expected.
  • Setting the mapping parameter On Patch Change to Match again works as expected.
  • Adjusting the layer range of a channel strip no longer unexpectedly affects existing Note Input graph settings. 

If you don't already own it, MainStage 3 is just $29.99.

Learn more about MainStage 3 in these videos:

MainStage 3 (Apple website):


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