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Flintpope Drumlines For Reaktor 6 Is A Drum Looper For Complex, Textured Beats
Rounik Sethi on Sun, May 7th 0 comments
If you own Reaktor 6, and even if you don't, and want to morph beats together for complex and interesting rhythmic textures, Flintpope's new Drumlines instrument is well worth checking out.

We're always curious about the new offerings from Flintpope. Whether it be an instrument for Reaktor, Ableton Live or Kontakt, there's bound to be something interesting and unusual inside. Nick from Flintpope also offers tons of free loops and instruments, and the paid ones are very reasonably priced too.

The latest Flintpope instrument is called Drumlines. Here's the full blurb and sound examples below:

This is a Reaktor 6 instrument consisting of 4 sets of 24 musical drum loops that play against each other to create complex, textured beats. You get 96 two-bar loops in WAV format at 120 bpm. You can happily downtempo to 105 and up to 140 before artifacts, and there are various FX (see below) to further randomise your mix.

The total possible combinations of loops is 96 x 96 (9216 variations) and that’s not factoring-in mute or solo into the possible arrangements. You don’t need to worry that your beats will sound like anyone else’s.

DRUMLINES suits live performance or can be used in your DAW. 


You get 24 loops each of FUNK, LOFI, PROCESSED and DRUMBOX-Y.

  • FUNK. More Prince than JB, tight, compressed fat loops with some snatches of bass and strings and things.
  • LOFI. Grainy beats with a lot of atmosphere and noises-off. Vinylised mostly.
  • PROCESSED. Very driven, modern, NOW. Tunes emerge and submerge.
  • DRUMBOX-Y. Light skittery 909 and 808 style moving into heavier bass things. Many textures and ambiences fly off into the mix.

All sounds and tune-snippets are Flintpope originals and completely royalty-free. If it sounds like someone else’s riff it isn’t. A lot of care has gone into making these loops all sound as if they’ve been lifted off records but they haven’t; all 96 have been carefully crafted in Ableton Live over the last few weeks. Care has also been taken to ensure at least 99 percent of the loops all play nicely with each other.


Each loop, or LINE (you can see the waveform playback on each) has a set of eight controls.

  • SELECTOR chooses the loop number from 1-24 Playback is instant as you change it. If playback-sync glitches simply press RETRIG (see below).
  • PITCH Up or down a semitone.
  • SHIMMER A switch effect (on or off). Randomly stutters between different loops in this drumline. Best used with another loopkeeping the beat solid. This is the secret weapon of this ensemble (used also in FLINTPOPE’S ATMOS and DRUMBOX) and can be almost rhythmic most of the time. Used against other drum-loops it can create an interesting texture and delightfully broken feel.
  • JUMP Another quirky effect dial that acts Like a vinyl record when the needle jumps. Experiment with settings to get breakbeat and or stutter effects, especially when combined with SHIMMER.
  • MID is a simple mid-range cut or boost dial that helps clarify the mix in a busy set of loops.
  • VOLUME dial needs no further explanation, neither do S(OLO) or M(UTE).

The Master FX

Firstly, a big thanks to Sylvain Stoppani at for creating the FX Feedback, Gate, Reverse, Repeat and Drop in his PROCESSORZ Ensemble (freely downloadable for Reaktorblocks at

  • RETRIG(ger) If the loops stray (esp. after using JUMP) hit RETRIG. After changing an embedded preset use it too. Or use it as an effect.
  • FBACK A one hit feedback for Dubstep style grind.
  • GATE A one-hit gate for a shimmering effect.
  • REPEAT A one hit for a bubbling sort of stutter.
  • REVERSE A one hit that does exactly what it says on the dial. Very impressive M. Stoppani!
  • DROP An equally impressive one hit from PROCESSORZ that sounds like the tape-deck or record-player has wound-down.
  • FILTER The first actual DIAL in this array Routed to VCF cutoff frequency this gives you the muffled “gone to the bathroom” effect.
  • COMP Another DIAL. Usually turned up full for maximum brute compression.
  • MASTER The master volume output dial.

You also get seven presets as a taster.

Drumlines requires Reaktor 6 full version.

Haven’t got Reaktor 6? Why not consider purchasing this for the set of 96 drumloops? They are in a separate folder for easy access.

Reaktor power users who are familiar with the Sample map also get a folder with the four sample maps so they can be used in other Reaktor samplers that use this function.

Again, Reaktor power users should have no problem inserting their own loops or other sounds into this ensemble. Just ensure each sample is ROOT 60.


Price: $3.60!! 


If you like this you may also be interested in Flintpope’s DRUMBOX at

More Reaktor items from Flintpope at



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