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Fort Romeau on Creativity & Merging Sampling and Synthesis Methodoligies
Rounik Sethi on Sat, May 16th 0 comments
In this video interview with Electronic Beats, Fort Romeau talks about his take on music making and how he approaches it with samples and synthesis. Well worth a watch.

Electronic Beats popped by Phonica record store in London to chat with Fort Romeau. In this insightful interview Fort explains how his music making was shaped by limitations of the gear he owned. Interestingly, he compares using samples to 'bringing other people's lives into your music', and talks about finding a balance between using samples and synthesis methodologies when creating tracks. 

Fort goes on to talk about how the process of discovering music is deeply connected to the process of making music, and much more.

Fort Romeau on Facebook:

Via: Electronic Beats

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