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This 30+ video course gives you tons of Logic Pro mixing tips that’ll make you a better producer.
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Get that perfect mix with Apple's Logic Pro! Learn how to mix a song from start to finish in this advanced course by producer/engineer Joshua Carney.

In this Logic Pro Advanced Mixing course audio engineer Joshua Carney mixes Highways by Sophia Veraz.

Advanced Mixing Course cover

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Pro Tools has long been the mixing standard. They got there first and built very solid software and hardware solutions (fueled in large part by those ubiquitous Waves plugins). But that was then. See why Apple's Logic Pro software is now a powerful force in the world of music production AND mixing.

The course begins by looking at doing some prep work to get the song ready for mixing. Then Joshua demonstrates how to mix the lead and backing vocals, and how to process them using Logic's vintage EQ and compressors. You learn to give each element (guitars, bass, synths, drums, FX...) its own space, and get everything to sit perfectly in the mix.

The power of mid-side!

You discover mid-side processing techniques to achieve a wider mix while keeping mono compatibility. You learn to place sounds upfront, behind you and even high or low.

But that's not all... towards the end of the course, Joshua talks about mastering, revealing tips to help you master your project, either with Logic's stock plugins, or even with external hardware processors.

If you're mixing music with Logic (or thinking about it) this course is a must view. Join Joshua Carney in this advanced mixing course, and learn pro-tips and techniques and new innovative mixing ideas for your next projects!

Course Outline

Section 1: Getting Started

1. Introduction Prepping the Mix
2. Mixing the Vocals

Section 2: Mixing the Vocals
3. Top-Down Mixing and Vintage Console EQ
4. Two-Stage Vocal Compression Opto
5. Two-Stage Vocal Compression FET
6. Compression Side Chain Filter
7. Reduce Sibilance with De-Esser 2
8. Backing Vocals and Harmonies

Section 3: Mixing the Instrumental
9. Guitars and Amp Designer
10. Bass Synths and Side Chain Ducking Effect
11. Grouping Software Instruments and Piano Exciter
12. Synth Pads and Mid-Side Processing
13. Pre-Fader Metering and VCA Faders
14. Drum Replacement and Doubling

Section 4: Time-Based Effects
15. Drum Room and Synth Ambience
16. Vocal Plate Reverb
17. Vocal Thickener with Ensemble Plugin
18. Dynamic Vocal Delay
19. Post Pan, Post Fader and Pre Fader Sends
20. Vocal Intro and Reverse Effects

Section 5: Additional Mixing Tips
21. Balance, Stereo Pan
22. Binaural Pan
23. Match EQ for Matching Guitar Tones
24. Mixing with Hardware and the I/O Plugin
25. Check Mono Compatibility
26. Create Your Own Mix Templates

Section 6: Finishing the Mix and Mastering
27. Linear Phase EQ
28. Multipressor
29. Mastering with Hardware and the I/O Plugin
30. Adaptive Limiter and Loudness Metering
31. Bounce and Final Playthrough

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