• Student487317
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    Sustain issue from IOS
    I sometimes start working on a midi song on Garageband on an IOS device and then export it to my Mac using airdrop. I then open it on my Mac, which seems to automatically generate a converted version of the IOS file, and continue to work on it in Garageband for Mac. I haven't had any issues with doing this until today, when all of the songs on my Mac which initially started as IOS files developed an issue where all of the midi notes have a permanent sustain effect on them. These songs worked perfectly on Mac before today. My IOS Garageband is still working normally. Songs that I initially created on Mac were not affected and still play normally. As far as I can tell, the sustain effect is not the result of the controller feature in any way, as it persists both when the sustain controller is set to 0 and in midi regions with no sustain controller in use. New notes that I make in the affected files have no sustain effect, but all of the notes that were there before today (both added on IOS and added on Mac after I transferred the files), do have a sustain effect. My theory is that my converted files from IOS to Mac were all affected in some way that changed the code of each midi note within them to have a sustain effect. Is there any way I can remove the sustain effect from the notes?
  • Joe A
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    Re: Sustain issue from IOS
    Hi - I guess the first thing[s] to check would be - MIDI CC 64 Sustain Pedal data -- make sure it's on 0, not stuck on 127. It sounds like you've already checked that and ruled it out, but just in case, you'd click the MIDI CC button in the Editor pane and select Sustain in the menu at the bottom of the Inspector area. If you don't see any Sustain data, maybe enter a Sustain node at 0 [zero], just to be sure, at the beginning of each Region. Also, make sure there's no Sustain On messages in any Regions earlier in the track -- AFAICT that shouldn't hold over to separate Regions that follow, but depending on how/where I started playback, sometimes it did [inconsistently], and I had sustaining notes in a Region with no sustain data.. - Make sure the notes are normal length, not going on forever. Remember, each MIDI note is actually two separate messages, Note On and Note Off -- if the Note Off messages were lost in translation, then notes would ring out ["stuck notes"], but then they should also appear long in the display. Of course it's possible the data just got corrupted in the conversion from GB iOS, and the notes appear normal but the Note-Offs are missing anyway..? I noticed in GB macOS there's a Sustain button in the Musical Typing [QWERTY] keyboard, for people who don't have a proper MIDI keyboard. Is there something like that in the GB iOS version, maybe for an onscreen keyboard? If so, maybe that was turned on and left on when the song was sent over to GB macOS, and it added some kind of metadata to the song that suddenly started making everything sustain..? If the notes appear to be normal length but still sustain past their end points, and Sustain Pedal data is set to zero, then I'm not sure how to fix that -- maybe try copying & pasting the notes to new Regions on that same tracks, and to new Regions on a different track, and see if that affects the sustain issue.. I guess you could even check the Smart Controls panel for some kind of setting in there that would affect sustain [i.e. an unusually long ADSR Release value] -- a long shot but that's the only other thing I can think of.. Of course if the same songs worked fine initially in GB macOS and then suddenly started to have this problem, then it would sound like either some corruption occurred [corrupted Preference file? a crash that preceded the appearance of the problem?], or some setting must have changed in GB macOS -- maybe you did something different right before this issue started that might have triggered it..?
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