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  • Joe A
    Posts: 1834
    Joined: Oct 1st, 2013
    Re: Requesting help about the microphone
    First off, let's clarify a couple of things. The Track Volume does not affect the level recorded by the microphone signal, it only affects the level of the already-recorded wave. The only control[s]s that can effect the level of the signal being recorded [the size of the recorded wave] are the controls under Recording Settings, but these are not always available, and that's normal. Now, there are so many things that are unclear in your description.. You say: 'even though I have the track on the highest volume, I cannot increase the volume' Well, of course if the Volume is already at maximum, you can't increase it any further. Why do you always seem to have the Track Volume at maximum? Leave the Track Volume at the default [0.0dB]. Now, are you talking about trying to increase the volume of the incoming signal that you're recording? That would normally be done by turning up the mic preamp gain on the interface. With that mic there should be more than enough gain for a strong mic signal coming into GB [input volume on the Track meter into the yellow but not into the the red]. As for the mic, just make sure the level setting is set to 0dB [and not -6 or -12]. That's really about all I can suggest without being able to see what you're doing
  • Joe A
    Posts: 1834
    Joined: Oct 1st, 2013
    Re: Requesting help about the microphone
    Ok, I'm confused.. If you have a good level on the interface from the mic [up to but not in the red], and a good level coming in when you're recording [the Track meter in GB hits the yellow but not the red], then why would you still need to increase the volume from the mic..??? I've attached a GarageBand course [click More Info] -- watch the relevant part of video #16. Even though he's recording a bass directly, the recording level [the meter and the height of the recorded wave in GB] should be illustrative of a typical good recording level [you can't record any louder than that]. Now, both during the recording and after the recording, you could have all the Track Volume sliders at any level you want. I'd suggest keeping them at around -12 as a default -- that should give you plenty of volume range for balancing the levels of the different tracks. If playback in the room is too quiet with all the Track Volume sliders at -12, then you can just turn up the volume of the speakers, or the listening level knob on the interface. Now, beyond this I'm at a loss as to why you always seem to need to increase the level of certain tracks beyond the maximum settings. If you can't make one track as loud as it needs to be, simply make all the other tracks quieter, and you'll have the same result -- the same track-to-track balance. Again, that's about as much as I can say without being able to see what you're doing..
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