• Tocefoo
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    making apple loops follow the chord prog of the song - there
    i'm a Mac (and GB ) newbie - so with that said maybe i won't need to app any further. what i doing is this: all my projects originate in Band in a Box (biab)[ because i think the RealTracks are so cool] the tracks created in biab[usually drums, bass, rhythm guitar, and piano] are then xferred [drag/drop] to GB. now i select an apple loop [usually some type of guitar or piano for fill in) and extend the loop for the length of my tracks. i play the imported tracks [with the loop track muted] and listen - whenever i hear a chord change, i put my index marker at the precise point and splice[cut] my loops track at that point. let's say the chord prog of the song goes from the root - and then up 5 semitones. i then highlight the right portion [remember when i cut the loop, it gave me a right and left side) of the loop and increase it +5 semitones with the pitch slider and let it [the loop] continue to play at +5 semitones until the song changes chords again and i simply repeat the aforementioned process for the next chord change. i know i haven't been around the Mac and GB very long but there'GOT TO BE A BETTER/ QUICKER / SIMPLER WAY. if there is - please reply. other issues: 1) if your key signature is G and the song goes to a B min - how do you make this chord change. 2) if the song goes from G > G7 - how do you allow for 7th chords - augmented and dim ? ? ? 3) suppose there's a chord change in the middle of a measure ? does this present any special problems ? 4) lastly - sometimes on a piano loop, even though i've written a chord change for that precise point, when- ever it plays, it doesn't sound like the piano is following the song chords.. when i look closely at the loops track - there is in fact a chord change where it's supposed to be but the loop doesn't seem to be following it sorry for such a long post but i didn't know of a shorter way to post it. ANY help greatly app. #3
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    Re: making apple loops follow the chord prog of the so...
    Hi #3, This is possible to do in Logic Pro X... and I think your workflow in GB is pretty good - albeit, I understand it's a bit time consuming! GB isn't really setup for complex time signature changes. What kind of loop do you find the chord change doesn't work on? Blue apple loop or green apple loop?
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    Re: making apple loops follow the chord prog of the so...
    I sort of have the same question. I laid down a "Blues Bar Bass 01" loop in Gmaj, and then laid a "Blue Jazz organ Riff 04." How can I get the organ riff to follow the bass line?
  • Lixefuo
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    Re: making apple loops follow the chord prog of the so...
    IF the loop is a Software Instrument, i.e. green MIDI track, with the track editor open in either Score or Piano Roll format, you could highlight all the notes in the loop, starting where you want the chord change, and transpose-by-dragging the notes (which will all move as a group) up or down to the desired beginning note. If the loop is a blue/Real Instrument, I guess the pitch slider is all you've got. Regarding going to sevenths, there is a point beyond which the loop library can't help you, and this is one of those. You're gonna have to limber up the fingers and play..
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