• Student474745
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    Garageband MIDI Controller Sustained Signal Issue
    Hi, I appear to have an elementary issue with my MIDI Controller that I can no longer get around. When I play any note it is auto sustained for an extended period of time, this disables me from playing other notes until the singal has stopped. I had it working perfectly several weeks ago but can no longer remeber what settings I changed if any. I do not believe the controller or the midi interface are the issue (could be wrong) given when I remove them the signal or note remains unchanged. I cannot attached a screenshot unfortunately. Would appreciate any assistance. Many Thanks, Seán
  • Joe A
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    Re: Garageband MIDI Controller Sustained Signal Issue
    Hi Seán - It sounds like the sustain function on your keyboard is stuck permanently on. This could happen if you currently have [or at any point had] a sustain [damper] pedal plugged in that was wired in the opposite polarity from what the keyboard expects -- that would make notes [from an instrument with a sustaining envelope, like strings/organ/etc] sustain when the pedal is NOT pressed, and NOT sustain when the pedal IS pressed. If that were the case then unplugging the keyboard wouldn't stop an already-sustaining note. You could record a Software Instrument track in GB, open the MIDI Editor pane [Piano Roll Editor] at the bottom, and display MIDI controllers [via the little controller icon] -- set it to display Sustain (Controller #64) and see if there are Sustain On messages [127] in there without any corresponding Sustain Off messages [0]. Besides the usual troubleshooting step of doing a full shutdown/restart of the computer, you might want to do a hard reset on the keyboard [check its manual for how to do that]. There are other possible reasons why this could be happening, but without a more detailed description of your setup I couldn't really make an informed guess..
  • Gioveman
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    Re: Garageband MIDI Controller Sustained Signal Issue
    Hi I experienced the same. Solved this way: 1. On piano midi menu disable internal clock send, and set external clock 2. Just after above said, connect usb midi controller to IPad Garage Band Hope it can help! Enjoy
  • Joe A
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    Joined: Oct 1st, 2013
    Re: Garageband MIDI Controller Sustained Signal Issue
    Hi - Hmm, you're saying that changing your MIDI controller's sync setting from internal to external fixed a problem of notes sustaining after they're released? I'm not sure why that setting would affect an issue of notes sustaining, but if it got your system working then it's all good. Of course, it could have been that changing the setting or even just disconnecting/reconnecting the controller either caused it to reset or caused GB to reestablish its connection (clearing out any bad sustain data?), but as long as it works then no worries..
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