• Cajypiu
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    Re: Splitting a drum part
    Hi Guys, as BJ pointed out, if all you wanted to do was split your region by notes and then copy and past them on to different tracks, then there are a few ways of doing it. Some are easier than others, some are 'better' than others in that you use less instruments/ sampler/ soft synths whatever you are using. Steve H covered just this kind of thing in his TNT series last year in October when he was demonstrating multi-timbral instruments using Stylus as his example. There is a bit of prep involved depending on how you want to control the instrument, but to be honest, unless we know what instrument you are using, we can't steer you in the best direction. An EXS24 for example, would have different options as opposed to an ESE synth. If for time being, you just want to mute the unwanted notes of each region quickly you can use the event list or the piano roll editors. In the event list sort the notes by pitch, and then select the ones you don't want. Then select the mute tool and click one of the notes. Alternatively, you can do as BJ said and select the piano keys on the piano roll itself to select all of the notes you want to mute, and use the mute tool from there. Keep us posted with how you get on. j
  • Bj
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    Re: Splitting a drum part
    Hi Peter, How did you go ? Cheers, Bj
  • sus4
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    Re: Splitting a drum part
    Well, I'm not sure. First let me say I'm not sure what instrument I'm using for the piano and bass. When I first started this song I chose Software Instrument in the New Track window and the piano read Studio Pop, but now it says Yamaha Grand Piano. The bass track says Muted Electric Bass. On the left side of the arrange window in the strip it says EXS24 and on the drum track it says Stereo Drum Kit. So, I guess you can tell me which instrument I'm using. As far as the Event List window, this looks like it can work for me except I was reading thru the manual and I can't figure it out. I'm sure there is a way of choosing a range of notes that I want to delete and just leave the notes I want. Probably the safest way for me now would be to go into the Piano Roll window and delete one by one the notes I don't want. There probably is a faster way to do this, but I can't figure it out. I just opened the Mixer and looking at the piano, bass and drum tracks and it says EXS24, so I guess that's the instrument I'm using. Now can you please tell me how I chose that? As I'm writing this reply is there a way of seeing all of the replies? I'm only seeing the last one by BJ. I want to comment on the previous one, but I can't remember all of it. Thanks, Peter
  • David T
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    Re: Splitting a drum part
    Peter. I suspect you have chosen the instrument in question by clicking on a "channel strip setting" = the button at the top of each mixer channel - or from the library area of the media tab on the right side of the arrange window. (They are the same list really!) As for deleting or muting - if you open the piano roll, rather than clicking on every individual c1 for example, click on that note on the little piano to the left. Every note of that pitch will be selected. Then just click on any one of them with the mute tool. Should be easy to mute all of them with just a few clicks. in the future, to delete a range of notes - you need to "rubber band" around a whole selection by clicking and holding down the mouse, whilst dragging over the selection you want. Then press escape, choose the mute tool and click on the notes highlighted (or you can use the shortcut "m". Hope this helps... David T
  • sus4
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    Joined: Aug 10th, 2007
    Re: Splitting a drum part
    I want to thank all of you for your suggestions and your time in responding. I'm using them all and they're working out great. This thread has been very very helpful to me. Thanks again. Peter
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