• Alex Commins
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    Can Logic audio be imported directly into iMovie?
    I want to make a video of me playing guitar. I want to record the video in iMovie but record the audio in Logic so that I can then put effects into the audio and then use it in Imovie (sync it there). Questions: 1. Can I do this? (will I be able to add beat markers to it in iMovie) 2. If so, are there any tricks? (I know that to use a garage band audio track you have to save the audio for preview in iLife). Does this mean that I would have to first save my audio files in Logic after putting in the effects (i.e., bounce my file with effects) - import them into a new project in garage band and then save it (through iMovie) for preview in iLife. OR, CAN I JUST DRAG INTO iMOVIE A LOGIC AUDIO FILE FROM THE FINDER WINDOW AND THEN BE ABLE TO PLACE BEAT MARKERS IN IT? THAT IS, WILL AN AUDIO FILE CREATED IN LOGIC BE ABLE TO BE EDITED (BEAT MARKERS) IN iMOVIE? 3. If I can use a Logic audio file dragged directly into iMovie, does it matter what type of file? My guess is that it should have been recorded 16 bit rather than 24 bit (I would normally record 24 bit), and 44.1K sample rate. BUT THE MORE IMPORTANT QUESTION IS - I typically record a wav file -- I believe I can import a wav file into iMovie, but I could go ahead and bounce it (with my effects, of course -- after all, that's the point of recording the audio in Logic) as an AAC file (because that's where it ultimately should end up for the video) and drag in an AAC file. I may also post this in the iLife forum as well since I don't know if this is more appropriately a Logic or iMovie question!!!!! Regardless, don't answer twice!!!!! thanks as always - alex
  • Rounik Admin
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    Re: Can Logic audio be imported di...
    Hi Alex, Let me try to answer your questions here... 1. Yes you can. You mean add iMovie's beat markers not Logic's? Why do you want to add Beatmarkers when the audio and video have been recorded simultaneously? 2. To add an audio recording from Logic: - Bounce the Logic project to a single stereo audio file. - drag the file in the Finder into the iMovie Project. 3. I don't believe it matters on the format (wave, aiff, caf) or the bit depth (16 and 24). Generally for commercial film purposes the audio is at 48Khz. Not convinced this is too important for iMovie though. ---- There is another alternative solution for you. You can record the audio and video directly into iMovie... do all you edits (video wise) and then export the movie and audio. Import the Movie into Logic, select the option to extract the audio to a track and add the effects there. When finished, simply export the movie with the audio changes. :) Rounik
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