As one of the original pioneers of the early 1990s hardcore breakbeat/techno scene (which eventually evolved into drum & bass), Nigel had a string of dance chart hits in the UK, under aliases such as Release and Rhythm Junior.
Nigel Broad
Initially signed to the Contagious Records (UK) label as an artist and producer, Nigel soon took on the roles of co-executive producer and head of A&R at the label.

Trained as an audio engineer at the world-famous Marquee Studios in London, Nigel would often produce and engineer for other artists at the labels' 24-track studio in Dagenham, Essex, preferring the solace of the studio to the business side of running a label.

In 1994, Nigel relocated to Los Angeles, California, to work as a composer and digital artist for film & TV. Since then, Nigel has had over 100 tracks placed in network and cable TV shows, in commercials, and several movies.

It was while working for Apple's ProApps division in 2002 that Nigel first discovered Logic, and soon after became an Apple Certified Pro in Logic Pro. Nigel has over 25 years experience in nearly every aspect of music production to share with you, with tips, tricks and production secrets to help you get the most from your music!


Courses by Nigel Broad
  • Polyend Tracker 101
    Polyend Tracker Beginner's Guide
    The Polyend Tracker is the first hardware tracker ever created. Watch this course to discover every feature of this unique standalone workstation, and get "tracking" with trainer and music producer Nigel Broad!
  • Arturia V 108
    The Emulator II V Explored
    Arturia's Emulator II V is a recreation of E-Mu Systems' iconic 8-bit sampler that popularized sampling technology in the '80s. Learn how to use this reimagined instrument in this course, with trainer and synth expert Nigel Broad.
  • Logic Pro 107
    Logic Remote
    Logic Remote is Apple's FREE companion app to control both Logic Pro and GarageBand. See how Live Loops and the Step Sequencer come "alive" when paired with Logic Remote. Join Logic certified trainer Nigel Broad in this course to learn all about it!
  • Arturia V 104
    CMI V Explored
    Arturia's CMI V is a faithful recreation of the Fairlight CMI series IIx, the music workstation that revolutionized music production in the '80s. Learn all about this digital sound design powerhouse with trainer and synthesis expert Nigel Broad.
  • Gadget 201
    Make Dance Music with Gadget
    Can you create quality dance music using nothing but a computer and Korg's Gadget? Join Drum 'n' Bass and EDM producer Nigel Broad in this course to find out!
  • Maya 202
    Dynamics, Texturing and Rigging
    In this Maya 201 course, feature film animation supervisor Nigel Broad, explains and explores textures, dynamics and rigging. Learn how to infuse realism into your 3D models in these step-by-step video tutorials.
  • Maya 201
    The best way to learn 3D animation software is to see it in action. And this Maya modeling course does exactly that. Learn to model with Autodesk's Maya with pro animation supervisor Nigel Broad in this 31-tutorial course.
  • Logic Pro X 409
    Twisted Drums and Deviant Bass
    Watch this course now to learn how to twist and tweak your Logic Pro drums and basses with electronic dance music specialist and expert trainer Nigel Broad!
  • Logic 9 410
    Dubstep Deconstructed
    This course starts with a fully produced Dubstep track and expertly deconstructs it track by track. Hear the awesome finished tune, then see pro production techniques deployed. There's really no better way to learn advanced production and Logic! Check it out!
  • Logic 409
    Dubstep Essentials
    MPV trainer Nigel Broad is back with another great electronic dance music exploration, Dubstep Essentials . Join Nigel in this 25-video collection as he takes you under his wing and creates a full-blown Dubstep track from Drum and Bass to final mix...
  • Logic 405
    Confessions of a Drum & Bass Producer
    Learn the art of Drum & Bass production, using Logic! This tutorial is produced by D&B pioneer, Nigel Broad.
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