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  • 1

    When mastering is done, several Bounces may be created

  • 2

    MS (Mid-Side) processing

  • 3

    In the early analog era, mastering was done primarily to

  • 4

    When setting the final level of the master

  • 5

    A new measurement unit & a new scale for determining average loudness are

  • 6

    Which of these Logic plug-ins are suitable for mastering applications?

  • 7

    In mastering one reason reverb might be added is

  • 8

    Two of Logic's EQs share the same layout-they are

  • 9

    Typical mastering EQ might consist of

  • 10

    Logic's Multipressor includes

  • 11

    A multiband compressor

  • 12

    In mastering a typical Ratio for subtle overall compression might be

  • 13

    Logic's two dedicated level meters are

  • 14

    Brickwall limiting has typically had two functions in digital mastering:

  • 15

    A Logic mastering template might include reference tracks which are

  • 16

    If a mastering session included several songs intended as a collection

  • 17

    Logic's main mastering limiter is

  • 18

    Logic's Exciter

  • 19

    Logic's two main compressor plug-ins for mastering are

  • 20

    The Vintage EQs emulate which three classic EQs?

  • 21

    Logic's Goniometer measures

Logic Pro 105
Mastering Essentials
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