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Arturia V 104 - CMI V Explored.
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  • 1

    The CMI Vs 10 instrument slots are arranged in the mixer how?

  • 2

    What was the name of the classic Fairlight CMI sequencer the CMI Vs sequencer is based on?

  • 3

    What type of synthesis is used in Time Synth mode?

  • 4

    What famous Fairlight sound was featured on Jean Michel Jarre's 1983 single, Zoolook?

  • 5

    To map a control to a parameter, click on the ... ?

  • 6

    Arturia's CMI V is a recreation of which model of the Fairlight CMI?

  • 7

    The tempo of a sequence is set using which control?

  • 8

    Clicking on the CMI Vs virtual CRT display will take you to ... ?

  • 9

    The CMI Vs reverb effect is available on ... ?

  • 10

    The Fairlight CMI Series I was introduced in 1979 by who?

  • 11

    How many instrument slots does the CMI V have?

  • 12

    The original Fairlight CMI Series IIx had a maximum bit depth of ... ?

  • 13

    The Tune/Map page is used for what?

  • 14

    Patterns can be a maximum length of how many steps?

  • 15

    After installing the CMI V for the first time, you should do what next?

  • 16

    How many original Fairlight CMI factory sounds are included with the CMI V?

  • 17

    What type of synthesis is used in Spectral Synth mode?

  • 18

    How many functions are available per slot on the CMI V?

  • 19

    To get the perfect, or near perfect, sample loop, set the loop start and length points to ... ?

  • 20

    The CMI V is organized into what pages?

Arturia V 104
CMI V Explored
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