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Cubase 8 102 - Songwriters/Musicians Toolbox.
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  • 1

    What is the ‘secret' to keeping all of the media separate for each Project?

  • 2

    Hard disks and SSDs never fail, so making a backup is a foolish waste of time. True or false?

  • 3

    What simple action is required to open a MIDI event in the Key Editor?

  • 4

    How do you audition a loop in the Media Bay?

  • 5

    In terms of Cubase quantization, what does ‘iQ' stand for?

  • 6

    How many overlapping MIDI events can you have?

  • 7

    What happens to the audio files in the Pool when you select the Empty Trash command?

  • 8

    What four columns are found in the Project window?

  • 9

    What is the advantage of starting a recording earlier in the project?

  • 10

    What basic setting must you make before exporting a mixdown?

  • 11

    What button would you click to reveal the lanes?

  • 12

    What tempo setting would you use to make a gradual tempo change?

  • 13

    What does a red area between the Left and Right Locators indicate?

  • 14

    Which modifier key would you add after creating repeats while still holding the mouse button?

  • 15

    What does the Legato function do to MIDI events?

  • 16

    Which tool is used to create Arranger track events?

  • 17

    Which Insert slots are post-fader and should be used for limiters and dithering plug-ins?

  • 18

    When recording with microphones in stereo, how should the audio track be configured?

  • 19

    Bars and beats, respectively, are synonymous with what?

  • 20

    What is the key command for executing a crossfade?

  • 21

    Which key would you press on the numeric keypad to return to the beginning?

  • 22

    What command is used to load Groove Agent kits without patterns?

  • 23

    Which control adjusts the amount of signal coming into the Stereo Output channel?

  • 24

    What problem could you run into if you load a Track Preset on an Instrument track channel?

  • 25

    To monitor with effects, what monitoring method should you use?

Cubase 8 102
Songwriters/Musicians Toolbox
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