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  • 1

    When using M/S processing, which frequencies is recommended to filter out with a high-pass filter in the Side information?

  • 2

    When mastering a collection of songs, the ______________________ should retain the same space and level throughout the songs.

  • 3

    Should you preview your mix with bus limiting before sending it to a mastering engineer?

  • 4

    Which technique offers more flexibility to the mastering engineer?

  • 5

    How much headroom should you leave before mastering?

  • 6

    Why is it recommended to use reference tracks?

  • 7

    Where should you set the limiter in the mastering chain, and when should you set its controls?

  • 8

    Which of the following is a mix bus compressor?

  • 9

    How much reverb can you use when mastering?

  • 10

    Mastering engineers are known for sharing their secrets with anyone. True or false?

  • 11

    What is a good technique for applying post EQ?

  • 12

    Which of the following should you avoid when working with a mastering engineer?

  • 13

    Is it OK to master your own tracks?

  • 14

    There are many important things to do if want to master your own tracks. Which of the following is NOT one of them?

  • 15

    A quiet intro can make a track feels louder when the main section of the track comes in. True or false?

  • 16

    The ear is most efficient when listening between...

  • 17

    Which of the following effect is often used in mastering to remove harshness?

  • 18

    A Fairchild compressor has attack, release and ratio controls that can be set by the user. True or false?

Mastering 101
Daniel Wyatt's Mastering Tips
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