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Guitar Production 301 - Guitar Legends: In the Box.
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  • 1

    What is the single knob on the MXR Phase90 for?

  • 2

    Which type of input is inappropriate to plug your guitar into?

  • 3

    Which Big Muff control sets the amount of distortion?

  • 4

    True or False: you can change the overall EQ profile of your amp via microphone placement?

  • 5

    The treble and bass controls on an AC30 are only active when using this channel...

  • 6

    The Hiwatt DR103 is a...

  • 7

    A boost pedal increase your guitar's ____.

  • 8

    The delay time on the EP-3 is determined by this:

  • 9

    David Gilmour primarily played these types of guitars.

  • 10

    The MXR Dynacomp's Sensitivity knob sets this...

  • 11

    This knob on the Deluxe Electric Mistress sets the width of the flanger's sweep.

  • 12

    Andy Summers played this type of guitar primarily throughout The Police years.

  • 13

    The amp most often associated with Andy Summers is the...

  • 14

    A good way to prevent the delays from masking the original sound is to...

  • 15

    How many repeats are characteristic of an Edge-like delay?

  • 16

    What is the effect called that's produced by a Leslie rotary speaker?

  • 17

    Which type of guitar is often associated with The Edge?

  • 18

    What is the name of a Reggae guitar part with strongly accented chops on beats 2 and 4?

  • 19

    The Edge typically adds this type of effect to his delays for added depth and color.

  • 20

    The Deluxe Electric Mistress has these three knobs on it...

  • 21

    For an epic David Gilmour style solo, use a __ reverb time.

  • 22

    True or False: compression can be used to add body and sustain to a guitar solo?

  • 23

    This knob on the Univibe sets the speed of the modulation.

  • 24

    True or False: "In the Box" means to work in a DAW environment using plug-ins.

  • 25

    True or False: The MXR Dynacomp can also add character and snap to a skank guitar part?

Guitar Production 301
Guitar Legends: In the Box
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