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Maschine + 101 - Maschine+ Beginner's Guide.
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  • 1

    Which effect is not included in the Sampler?

  • 2

    Quantize settings are enabled in the Settings area under which menu?

  • 3

    What is the highest level of the Audio Chain in Maschine+?

  • 4

    True or False: You can only drag and drop MIDI in the Maschine software

  • 5

    This is an option in the audio editor:

  • 6

    True or False: Maschine+ can adjust step velocity by how hard or soft you hit the pad

  • 7

    True or False: Maschine+ has a Prehear option that allows you to hear what a preset sounds like before loading it.

  • 8

    Maschine+ gives you the option to export audio from the:

  • 9

    True or False: Maschine+ needs to be hooked up to a computer in order to work.

  • 10

    True or False: Maschine+ is capable of manual entering in Slice markers

  • 11

    Lock snapshots can be:

  • 12

    Clips, unlike Patterns, can be:

  • 13

    True or False: It can be faster to create a drum synth rather than browse the sound library for a specific sound.

  • 14

    How many Minor Chord Sets are there?

  • 15

    Groove can be applied at the:

  • 16

    Arpeggiator is located

  • 17

    Scenes are created in:

  • 18

    True or False: Maschine+ has microphone inputs

  • 19

    In order to create a Pattern with a choice of 2,4,8,or 16 bars, you must:

  • 20

    Macros can be assigned at which level?

  • 21

    True or False: A Sound can be played from an external keyboard

Maschine + 101
Maschine+ Beginner's Guide
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