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Cubase 11 103 - Mixing and Mastering.
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  • 1

    What is the most common channel configuration for a Group Channel?

  • 2

    How many notes of polyphony did the original Korg M1 have?

  • 3

    What channel configuration is best for FX Channels?

  • 4

    Level-based effects usually lack which specific control?

  • 5

    Which three views are there in the MixConsole in the lower zone?

  • 6

    By default, where does Cubase store your exports?

  • 7

    What loudness range is currently the standard in popular music?

  • 8

    What is the name of the author of this course?

  • 9

    How do you completely reset an EQ?

  • 10

    What is the final channel in the MixConsole using a stereo output configuration?

  • 11

    Other than the EQ and Strip racks, where else can you adjust the EQ controls?

  • 12

    What MulitbandCompressor control would you enable to an automatic release setting?

  • 13

    If a compressor has a wet/dry control, what is it used for?

  • 14

    What controls will you lose if you set a filter to LIN (Linear Phase?)

  • 15

    Why does Matt think its best to adjust the panning of channels first?

  • 16

    After exporting a dithered 16-bit file, what's a good thing to disable?

  • 17

    What are the different panners you can use on a stereo track/channel?

  • 18

    Putting a stereo insert on a mono track results on what kind of output?

  • 19

    Normally, from which output does the Strip section receive audio signal?

  • 20

    What does the "W" button on the track/channel stand for?

  • 21

    Where is the Reset MixConsole Channels command found?

  • 22

    What is the advantage of turning the Group Channels down 12 dB prior to mixing?

  • 23

    What does the MixConsole "ABS" stand for?

  • 24

    Which Channels have EQ?

  • 25

    What are the recommended maximum output levels for compressed files like MP3?

Cubase 11 103
Mixing and Mastering
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