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Orchestration 101 - The String Section.
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  • 1

    In order to maintain tension on the horsehair, the bowstick must have:

  • 2

    Double bass notes are played:

  • 3

    The old school seating arrangement placed the second violins:

  • 4

    The double bass is a member of the violin family.

  • 5

    The total number of violins comprise:

  • 6

    The bottom note of a viola is:

  • 7

    These lobes are divided by a narrow waist, which:

  • 8

    Every member of the violin family has strings tuned:

  • 9

    The bass guitar has the same tuning as:

  • 10

    The main structural feature of the violin family's evolution from the older family of viols is that:

  • 11

    The cello has the same tuning as:

  • 12

    The correct order for string instruments in an orchestral score, from top to bottom, is:

  • 13

    Which part of a string instrument is purely decorative?

  • 14

    The structural feature of string instruments that elevates the strings slightly above the level of the fingerboard is called:

  • 15

    An easy way to remember string numbers is to:

  • 16

    The bow is strung with:

  • 17

    The first five finger positions on violin and viola cover:

  • 18

    The most comfortable key signatures for string instruments lie:

  • 19

    A 16-member first violin section consists of:

  • 20

    A sensible upper limit for orchestral scoring of the cello is:

  • 21

    Double basses can play lower notes that low E by the use of a:

  • 22

    The beauty of seating the cellos to the right of the conductor is that:

Orchestration 101
The String Section
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