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Pro Tools 503 - Studio Series - Recording Drums.
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  • 1

    Low level signals will be affected the same a high level signals running through a compressor. True or false?

  • 2

    Blending the Wet and Dry signal in a compressor applies:

  • 3

    Snare top mics are most useful for picking up softer dynamics, like ghost notes, on snare drum. True or false?

  • 4

    Which of the following overhead techniques has the widest stereo image?

  • 5

    The classic Glyn Johns technique uses:

  • 6

    The ‘mic the floor' position places a ____________ close to the floor, angled up at the resonant kick head.

  • 7

    Cutting around __________ helps remove ring, ‘boxy' and ‘woody' tones.

  • 8

    A _____ attack time can cause the front end attack of a drum to be compressed, resulting in a loss of punch.

  • 9

    Peak drum levels should typically be set around:

  • 10

    Which type of filter is helpful for reducing pedal noise on the hi-hat?

  • 11

    The Sennheiser e604 is helpful as a tom mic when cymbals or other hardware prevents a full size mic from being used, because the e604:

  • 12

    What is the shortcut to create a group for selected tracks in Pro Tools?

  • 13

    Which type of miking limits the pickup range of the mic on drums?

  • 14

    Which mics give the drum kit a sense of depth and 3D space?

  • 15

    Using Tab to Transient and Keyboard Focus Mode, you can use which keys to tab left and right.

  • 16

    Plug-ins like the EQ III in Pro Tools can cause the signal to clip at the plug-in level, so it's important to match the input and output volume. True or false?

  • 17

    Which of the following is a common kick mic known for its punch and body?

  • 18

    Kick In mics are almost always a __________ mic.

  • 19

    Bus Processing allows you to process a group of instruments being summed to an Aux Track. True or false?

  • 20

    How should condensers be aimed for bongos and congas?

  • 21

    When recording live drums, it's common to blend close mics with distant mics. True or false?

  • 22

    Ribbon microphones are great for the __________ room technique because they are naturally bidirectional.

  • 23

    Snare bottom mics pick up mostly high end, because they are very close to the snare wires. True or false?

  • 24

    What is the shortcut to open the Strip Silence dialog in Pro Tools?

  • 25

    Angling both overheads equidistant at the center of the snare:

Pro Tools 503
Studio Series - Recording Drums
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