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Push 2 101 - Explained and Explored.
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  • 1

    Most modern electronic and pop music is arranged in multiplies of how many bars?

  • 2

    True or False: A Scene is a vertical column of clips

  • 3

    Is it possible to make new clips record for a specific amount of time?

  • 4

    True or False: We can resample everything coming from the Master track

  • 5

    How do you select the audio input on an audio track?

  • 6

    What are Transients?

  • 7

    How do you switch from the default Note layout to the Melodic Step Sequencer?

  • 8

    True or False: The Note Repeat button has to be held down to work

  • 9

    Can you use the Drum Rack style Step Sequencer with Simpler?

  • 10

    True or False: Push 2 is the MIDI controller with deepest integration with Ableton Live

  • 11

    True or False: Changes made to a duplicated clip also affects the original clip

  • 12

    True or False: Automated parameters display a white dot next to them on Push

  • 13

    True or False: Cropping removes everything before the start and after the end points.

  • 14

    By using Per Step Automation, is it possible to change parameters for individual notes?

  • 15

    Can you add Audio directly from Live's browser using Push?

  • 16

    An effect placed directly on a track is called what?

  • 17

    True or False: Reversing a sample requires you to bring the end point before the start point.

  • 18

    Is it possible to change the length of a step after it has been recorded?

  • 19

    True or False: There is no way to change the Pad sensitivity on Push.

  • 20

    Do envelopes generally repeat?

  • 21

    True or False: The Drum Rack contains a maximum of 16 sounds.

  • 22

    True or False: the Start parameter and the S. Start parameter do the same thing.

  • 23

    When the record button is on, played pads turn ____.

  • 24

    What was the purpose of duplicating a track in this tutorial?

  • 25

    Does an LFO generally repeat?

Push 2 101
Explained and Explored
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