Ear Training 101
Melodies, Intervals and Scales
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Whether you perform, listen to or mix music, knowing the intervals and chords behind what you hear is an essential skill that all musicians need to have. The good news is that you can train your ears - beginning right here - in this course by Gregg Fine.
Gregg Fine, founder and principal composer of Hidden Tiger Music, is an award-winning guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and veteran composer of music for advertising.
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Our music theory expert, Gregg Fine, has put together a fun and entertaining workout for your ears! In this first instalment in the Ear Training Series, Gregg dissects musical intervals and shows you how to get better at identifying them. He covers musical modes, both for the major scale and the melodic minor scale and tests your progress with some interactive exercises that you can run through at any time! Gregg also explains how scales are built, and helps you train your ear with more exercises that give your ears a solid workout.

Finally, he takes it to the finale with an introduction to transcription - a fantastic way to develop your ear and learn music! Gregg also gives a real life example of a short solo that he transcribes using his DAW of choice, a musical staff, and some serious listening!

As a musician, your ear is arguably your most powerful tool. So educate your ears with this first course in our fascinating new series on Ear Training by Gregg Fine.
Section 1: Section 1: Intro and Benefits of Ear Training
Section 2: Section 2: Relative Pitch vs. Perfect Pitch
Section 3: Section 3: Half Step vs. Whole Step
Section 4: Section 4: Solfege
Section 5: Section 5: Tuning
Section 6: Section 6: Intervallic Recognition
Section 7: Section 7: Modal Recognition (Major)
Section 8: Section 8: Minor Scale Type Recognition
Section 9: Section 9: Modal Recognition (Mel. Minor)
Section 10: Section 10: Pentatonics
Section 11: Section 11: Symmetrical Scale
Section 12: Section 12: Transcription
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